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What's New at Presentsforchildren

Just like children, we're growing fast. Be sure to stop by often!

We are very excited to report we now have a blog. Our brand new PresentsforChildren.com blog is now live! Our parenting blog features our latest news and articles including - parenting advice, discussions of current events affecting our children, memories, activities like arts and crafts for children, recipes and more.

Brand new section on Air Hockey and Nok Hockey Game Tables

One of our newest sections is Building Your Child's Self Esteem.

Information on Children's medical id tags has now been added, as well as a new section on epilepsy.

We had a fantastic time a few weeks ago when we found a great way to teach children to play piano. Within minutes they are playing songs. Children and adults love it, stay with it and learn to play piano without expensive lessons!

Our article on Neurofibromatosis has been updated to reflect the increase in the frequency of babies born with NF. It is now estimated that 1 in 3,000 babies have NF type 1. Please read more about Neurofibromatosis.

More Sections with Gifts for Children Added

We have expanded our sections on Character Items so you will now find many of your child's favorite characters. Find Curious George, Star Wars, the Doodlebops and more. You'll find our ever growing list at Children's Favorite Characters.

We are proud to announce the addition of the best Plush Stuffed Animals anywhere! Take a look at our newest section. You can find the best stuffed animals representing your favorite animals. Whether you like ferrets, horses, llamas or dogs you'll be amazed at the quality.

Expanded Children's Sleepwear Sections

We have expanded our sections on Children's Sleepwear and Robes to make it easier to find what you are looking for. You may find some information has moved. Our article Pajamas and Sleep Issues has moved We have also expanded and separated the pajama shopping pages. Visit the main Children's Sleepwear to learn more.

Presents for Children

Presents for Children come in an endless variety.

The greatest gift one can give their child is not sold in stores,

The greatest gift comes from your heart.


Thank you for visiting Presentsforchildren. We are more than great shopping for gifts for children. We have articles on children's health issues, tips on getting your child to read, advice on potty training, sleep issues in children and other parenting issues. Whether you are looking for information, articles, activity sheets or looking to shop for a gift for a special child we are sure you can find what you are looking for. We offer suggestions on many different gifts for children including gifts for special needs children. We have tried to add something a little extra. We began this website because of an interest in special needs children. Having children with Neurofibromatosis and knowing  parents with other special needs children we know first hand the need to not only find information and support but the importance of being able to find a wide variety of special gifts or toys and to be able to find these while still at home. Whether you have a special needs child or not we are sure you will find us a fun, informative place to visit.

Our main menu is at the top of each page. In addition we have included menus on the side of our pages to help you find specific items. We hope you enjoy your visit. Be sure to stop by frequently as we are always growing.

Advice and Information at Presents for Children

PresentsforChildren.com is dedicated to children everywhere, children of all ages and of all abilities, and their parents and guardians. We are not just the place to come when you are shopping for gifts for children or a present for a birthday. The staff of Presents for Children are all parents, foster parents, aunts, uncles and/or grandparents. As a parent it is very helpful to see what has worked for other parents and grandparents. We have suggestions on developing your child's reading and writing skills and share tips for incorporating math into everyday activities. We offer suggestions for parents of special needs children. Our Children's Health sections talk about various health issues to serve as a starting point. Read a parent's perspective of these issues.

Whether you are already a parent or becoming a parent for the first time you probably have questions and concerns. New parents may wonder how to properly prepare their babies room and how many crib sheets do they really need. Whether you have developmental concerns, have a child with serious health issues or have a question about room decor and bedding needs you want advice. Not only do we want our child happy, healthy and comfortable we want to try and be prepared for what lies ahead. We offer gift suggestions for special needs children. Gifts that make a special, challenged child feel better about themselves or gifts that are not only fun but help work on specific areas.

From infancy to adulthood we seek to help our children. We feel their pain and, no matter their age wish we could prevent their suffering. We want to protect them.  Sometimes we have to take a more active role in their health because they have health issues or are developmentally challenged. We want to serve as a starting point for a parent, grandparent or other relative seeking advice, a place to turn to when you need to know where to look for answers. A place to come and get advice and understanding. We won't have all the answers but will share how to take an active role and get the help you need. Learn what your child's rights are for education, where to find Early Intervention programs for your preschooler and how to get the IEP that is best for your child.

Shopping for Presents for Children

We all spend a lot of time shopping and searching for clothes, toys, games, developmental toys, books and other educational gifts, Halloween Costumes, room decor and other gift items. Some of us have special needs children and children who need more specialized toys to work in areas of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, or certain clothes or assistive devices. Learn how play tunnels can help your child develop gross and fine motor skills at the same time they are having fun. Whether we are shopping for our child or grandchild, or we need a gift for a friend we want the best quality at the best price possible. We found we spent too many hours searching, for the best online sites for children's products and information. Time we would rather spend doing other things. No matter what the ability of your child we can help you find the product or information you need. With this in mind we have also teamed up to provide you with the best online sources for products for children.

We are always growing and adding new articles and shopping so be sure to visit often. Visit our blog and our parent message board. Please feel free to join our message board to connect with other parents and guardians.