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PresentsforChildren.com is designed to a a resource for parents.

A few years ago, with the birth of my children, I found it necessary to learn even more about Neurofibromatosis. Although it had been many years since my own diagnosis I realized how much I did not know. Having two children with NF was scary. Even with wonderful doctors available I felt the need to connect with others. I needed to know there were other parents in a similar  situation. Having children with a "condition" can be lonely. It is stressful and of course, at times depressing.

I met other parents online whose children faced other health and developmental issues. Parents of children with Autism, Aspergers, digestive disorders, Epilepsy, Cleft Palates, Cerebral Palsy and hundreds of other issues. Each friend said the same thing. It can be lonely and scary. It can also be overwhelming. Another thing we all had in common is that we all search for answers and cures online.

I met other parents struggling to get their child to sleep at night. Another parent had trouble finding pants for her son who hated zippers.

All parents not just parents of special needs children are faced with situations and problems. Issues of bullying, picky eaters, poor sleepers, lack of interest in reading and on and on.

I began this site not to provide answers but as a place for parents and guardians to read about other parents.

Whether you are looking for information, advice or shopping for a gift for your child we hope you find what you are looking for. We are constantly growing and adding articles and welcome your suggestions.

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