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Hooded bathTowel for Baby and Robes for baby

Hooded bath towels for baby are a special gift. It is a marvelous way to pamper a baby or toddler with something extra special while making mom and dad's job a little easier. A hooded bath towel is a towel that features a hooded end. This makes it much easier to keep baby's head warm after bath. A hooded bath towel snuggles a baby or toddler after bath before they get dressed.

An alternative to the hooded towel is a robe for baby or toddler. A robe for baby girl is shown below; a robe for baby boy is available with blue trim. Also see Robes for Children for additional selection.

Our Favorite Hooded Towels & Robes for Baby

Flowere hooded bath towel for baby
Flower Hooded Towel & Puppet

This hooded towel for baby is made of 100 terry cotton. Cute flower design and soft terry will pamper your little one at bath time.

Puppy hooded bath towel
Puppy Hooded Towel

This puppy hooded bath towel is a great way to pamper your little one. Dry them off  and wrap them to keep them warm with the adorable 100% cotton terry towel.

Robe with Blue Trim

A great robe for your little prince. The robe is sized from 1-2 years old, but it is a great gift for newborn baby. Machine washable, 100% terry cotton

Robe with Pink Trim

Just like the blue trim robe for baby boys, this terry robe with pink trim is a great gift for baby girl.

Additional Use for Hooded Bath Towels and Robes for Baby

An additional use for a baby's hooded bath towel is at poolside. After playtime in pool dry and wrap your baby or toddler in your hooded towel to prevent them from getting a chill.