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Backpacks and Schoolbags

Backpacks and school bags are a way for your child to express themselves. Whether they choose Superman backpack, Spiderman or Hello Kitty a child's backpack allows them to express their interests or personality. Backpacks are needed for school but are also handy for travel, hiking and day trips to grandma's house. Click here to see a wonderful selection of backpacks and other character merchandise.

KELTY Tioga 2050 Junior Backpack

It's a good idea to have 2 backpacks for school in case something spills inside or the backpack is left behind.  Many children also like to change backpacks. Some children may also have different daily needs and might need a larger backpack one day a week.

Toy Story Party Favor Bag - Buzz, Woody and the Gang

Disney The Princess and the Frog Large Backpack

Iron Man Armored Adventures Backpack

Iron Man Armored Adventures Backpack

Disney Princess Tote Bag

Ni Hao, Kai Lan Sleepover Rolling Bag with Fleece Blanket

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Backpack

Transformers Backpack 'Bumblebee' - Revenge of the Fallen

Minnie & Daisy Fullsize Backpack

Tinker Bell Tote Bag

Elmo Plush Backpack

Toy Story Backpack