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Bassinets and Co-Sleep Bassinets

Bassinets and cradles are practical the first three to five months. They are small and can be moved room to room. This allows your baby to sleep comfortably near you. Perfect at night you can place the bassinet in your bedroom to make night time feedings and diaper changes easier. Many parents sleep better with their newborn near to them. 

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Many parents also decide that co-sleeping is right for them. The safest way to co-sleep with your baby is by use of a co-sleep bassinet. This is a special bassinet that attaches to the side of the parents bed. Please see  More Co-Sleepers


If you decide to use a bassinet or co-sleep be sure the bassinet has a proper mattress. Please read our section on cribs for other important safety information. This includes putting your child to sleep on their back and not using quilts or blankets.