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Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies are small plush dolls. They are available as animals and popular characters. They are favorites of both children and adults. Children of course will like the characters and animal shapes but the popularity of Beanie Babies is also due to the small size. Children can easily hold and carry these stuffed toys. The smaller size is also popular with parents.

Beanie Babies are popular as collectors items and during recent years some limited releases have become quite valuable. Whether you purchase Beanie Babies for yourself, a young collector or just as an everyday toy for a special child, there is sure to be a Beanie Babies character or animal that appeals.

Cuddles Pink Baby Nursery Bear Medium Plush Toy

Paul the Walrus Beanie Baby by TY

Baldy the Eagle Beanie Baby by TY

Chipper the Chipmunk Beanie Baby by TY

Claude the Crab Beanie Baby by TY

EGGS III Beabie Baby Bear by TY

Iggy the Iguana Beanie Baby by TY

Tiptoe the Rat Beanie Baby by TY

Kissy Beabie Baby Bear by TY

Lucky the Lady Bug Beanie Baby by TY


Patti the Platypus TY Beanie Baby

Peace Beanie Baby Bear 2003 by TY

Secret Beanie Baby by TY

Smoochy the Frog Beanie Baby by TY