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Children's Bibles

Bibles for Children

PresentsForChildren may be compensated through the links in the post below, but the opinions are our own.

Bibles for children are a wonderful addition to the family library. Several versions of children's bibles are available. We are highlighting a few versions below. For a complete selection of bibles including toddler bibles, bibles for teens and bibles for adults as well as bibles in different languages please see Bibles, New Testaments and other specialty Scripture products including church bibles. Several foreign language bibles are available including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, French, German and Spanish bibles. Church bibles, bulk order bibles and bulk order children's bibles are also available.

Children's bibles are quite often geared for particular age groups. You can find bibles for toddlers, bibles for young children and bibles for older children. With easier to read text and colorful pictures a children's bible is often easier for a child to understand as they begin their spiritual journey. Children's bibles are helpful in teaching a child the bible. They are designed to help you teach your child the bible and for your child to read on their own.

Bible Stories for Children

Bible stories for children are perfect for bedtime reading (or any time of the day). The shorter length of children's bible stories appeals to younger children. The style of children's bibles stories is much like that of a typical book that is read to them; that is the story has a distinct beginning, middle and an ending. This makes the story easier for them to understand.

A bible makes a wonderful gift for any occasion and will be cherished for life.

Children's Bibles and Bible Stories for Children

KJV Hardcover Bible - Black - In single copies

Santa Biblia - NVI Spanish Bible In single copies

The Children's Bible in 365 Stories - In single copies

(Ages 6-12) Daily Spiritual Nutrition for Kids
A Bible story a day to help you train your children the right way. Perfect for family devotions or reading aloud in Sunday school or youth groups.

Mi Biblia - NVI My Bible - Hardcover Spanish

Ages 2-7
Mi Biblia retells 40 stories of the Old and New Testaments. In Spanish, with beautiful illustrations to bring the Bible stories to life.

The Young Reader's™ Bible - In single copies

Help your child, 5 to 8 years old, develop the lifetime discipline of Bible reading with this beautifully illustrated book of 70 easy to read bible stories.

NIrV Softcover Bible for Kids - In single copies

The Beginner's Bible® - In single copies

(Ages 1-7)
A delightful gift to introduce your child to the joy of the Scriptures. Great for children who are first learning to read or for a parent to read to any child.

The Beginner's Bible® - Jesus and the Children - In single copies

The colorful artwork and simple text of these new durable board books from Zonderkidz will delight your toddlers while they learn the truth of God's word. This book is perfect for children under age 4 or 5.