Kids Going Green

by Melanie

One of the nice things I’ve noticed lately is that many kids are thinking green. This is probably due to a combination of what we teach them at home, what they learn in school and what they hear through the news. I am all for going green and teaching our children the importance of it, but I also think that we need to address another aspect of going green. It seems like the focus is often on what adults can do. We seem to be forgetting to teach children what they can do.

Children seem to be more aware of the light bulbs in our homes and work place. The topic in my house the other day was that not all my light bulbs were energy efficient and I really should switch. I am making the switch as bulbs burn out, so it’s just a matter of another few months before the switch is complete. While I am the one to change the bulbs, the whole family, including the children, can remember to turn off lights when not in use. It is fine for a child to look at ways their parents can save and reduce but they should also be taught to look at how they can do the same.

We need to remind children that it is not just mom’s computer that uses electricity. The Wii, Game Boy, television, IPOD and all the other electronics use electricity too. Kids can learn to use a reusable plate instead of a paper plate. They can fill a container with a drink for lunch rather thanĀ  grabbing a juice box or can. In many cases they don’t need to get driven to school, we can all walk and get exercise at the same time.

I am glad children and adults are being taught about going green but I think that we need to remember that children can help go green. Teach our children we all have the power to make a difference. It is not only about keeping a log of what parents do that uses power, pollutes or wastes. It’s not only about adults and what we do, and can do. Going green is about all of us, children and adults, helping to conserve and preserve. Instead of playing tennis on Wii, grab a real racket and play on an actual tennis court. We all should turn off lights when not in use, turn off the television or radio, walk to friend’s house instead of texting and so on.

All small things that together, make a big difference.

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