Learning to Play the Piano is Fun

by Melanie

Learning to play the piano has always been a dream of mine. I can play the violin, I was actually very good prior to an injury to my left hand. I can also pick a few tunes on a guitar and a couple of simple tunes on a keyboard but I never had the opportunity to learn piano. Recently, my dream has come true, my children and I are learning to play piano. More importantly we are having fun! It’s not costing much either and there are no boring lessons. My children who had no music experience are actually playing better than me!

You can learn more about how we’re learning by watching the video below (hit the arrow to play) or visit play piano.


The key to this great method is that it is fun. The children learn at their own pace and are playing songs the very first day. The ability to play an instrument brings years of joy. For me, this program has meant the chance to once again enjoy playing an instrument.

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