Importance of BPA Free Baby Bottles

by Melanie

One of my friends is expecting another baby in a few months, her youngest child just turned 13 years old so there is a bit of a gap. As she worked on her baby registry we spoke about some of the changes that have occurred. It seems like most items including car seats, cribs and even diapers have gone through radical changes over the past few years.  With all the news and research showing the risks of some plastics, it is important to choose your baby bottles carefully, you want BPA free baby bottles.

There has been a lot of attention on the possible connection between BPA, a chemical used in plastics and cancer. With this in mind many adults have switched to BPA free water bottles. It seems that BPA can leak out of the plastic and contaminate the food or beverage which is being consumed. When a plastic container or baby’s bottle is warmed, even more BPA and other toxic chemicals leak out. BPA , bisphenol-a, can become toxic in an adult.  A baby is more susceptible to chemicals so use of BPA free baby bottles is a wise choice.

In addition to the increased risk of cancer, many also believe that BPA can lead to behavioral changes and precocious puberty in babies and young children.  In my opinion, one of the best choice for baby bottles is a bottle such as  GoGreen GlassLock BPA Free Baby Bottles.  The  bottles come with silicone nipples and are dishwasher safe. Since these are glass baby bottles they will not hold stains or odors and they sterilize and heat without risk of chemical leakage.

As a mom, I want to minimize the risks for my child; I am sure all parents are the same. My friend is choosing the BPA free baby bottles. She’ll also be using cloth diapers. Both of these are different choices than her first child.

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