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Importance of BPA Free Baby Bottles

One of my friends is expecting another baby in a few months, her youngest child just turned 13 years old so there is a bit of a gap. As she worked on her baby registry we spoke about some of the changes that have occurred. It seems like most items including car seats, cribs and even [...]

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Ouch! Easing the Sting of Bee Stings

Owww! Sooner or later your child will probably get stung by a bee or wasp. Even simple mosquito bites can cause discomfort. There are a couple of things to do to help ease the pain and itch associated with bug bites. If there is a history of allergies to insect bites seek emergency medical treatment immediately. When [...]

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Get Ready to See a Dentist

Yesterday, in Brushing Toddler Teeth, I wrote about things Cathy could do to help get her 4 year old to brush his teeth and also help get her 1 year old off to a good start. I gave her a couple suggestions to make brushing teeth not only a habit but a positive experience. To [...]

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Help with Brushing Toddler Teeth

Brushing your toddler’s teeth is important but it is often a problem for some parents. Cathy emailed me the other day after reading Caring for Teeth. Cathy has three children, ages 1, 4 and 9. Her 4 year old hates to brush his teeth. She’s not only worried about him getting cavities; she’s worried her [...]

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Scare the Monsters From Your Child’s Bedroom

Many preschoolers believe there are monsters in the bedroom. Martha recently emailed me asking how to help her four year old son John overcome his fear of monsters at night. She had tried showing her son that there were no monsters under the bed or in the closet but he still screamed at bedtime the [...]

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