The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently released guidelines concerning product reviews and social media sites (this includes blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other such sites). It is the recommendation of the FTC that it is a good ethical business practice to disclose the relationship between the webmaster and the company or product being reviewed. In accordance, I share the following information.

As the owner of  Presents for Children, I may at times receive free or discounted products to try and review. All reviews I write and post on any of my websites are my actual opinions and are not paid opinions. My opinions are not influenced by the persons involved or based on what I did or didn’t pay. Opinions and reviews of products are based on my own actual product experience and opinion. An example would be a merchant sending me a sample of baby wipes.

There are times when I may be an affiliate of a company or store who sells a product I write about. In these instances I will provide a link to the merchant’s store that includes an identifying link that will give me a small commission if you choose to make a purchase. That commission helps to cover the cost of maintaining my websites.

In addition to online marketing I am a speaker at affiliate marketing industry conferences and trade shows. When speaking I normally receive passes to attend the conference or trade show however, I typically pay my own costs of travel.

As President of Affiliate Advocacy LLC and NY Affiliate Voice I also receive sponsorship from networks, merchants, affiliates, outsourced program managers and other industry consultants. Their sponsorships allow me to operate both Affiliate Advocacy LLC and NY Affiliate Voice. Both Affiliate Advocacy and NY Affiliate Voice are businesses I own and operate with the purpose of advocating for and improving the affiliate marketing industry. The sponsorship of an individual or company in no way influences any opinions, public or private, that I hold as it regards to individuals, companies, products or stores. The sponsorship is separate aspect. I am never swayed or influenced by sponsorships.

In short I am not ever paid or compensated to have an opinion, nor do I write any post or opinion in order to reward any individual or company. I am very much a speaker, and writer, of my own mind.

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