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Boys Pants

Boys pants are also a magnet for dirt, grass, spaghetti sauce, chocolate and just about anything. You will need several pairs of pants for your boy for both play and dress up time. Not much can be done to prevent your son from wearing a hole in the knee or outgrowing the pants but you can do other things to maximize the wear time. Just as with shirts for boys, proper care will help prolong the life of the pants. Try not to allow stains to set too long and wash according to manufacturer's instructions.

Elastic Waist Pants and Drawstring Pants

Some young boys or children with motor skill issues may have difficulties with snaps, buttons or zippers. If this is the case we often suggest elastic waist or drawstring waist pants for them to wear to school. This will make it much easier for them to be independent.

Some boys, particularly toddlers can be very particular when it comes to material style or color. Although it may be frustrating at times accept it and shop accordingly. They'll probably soon outgrow the likes and dislikes.

E-Land - Boys Sweatpant, Navy

Boys Sweatpants, Navy, Elastic Waist

E-Land - Boys Cargo Style Pant, Navy

Boys Cargo Style Pant,  Elastic Waist, Cargo Pockets, Knee Patches

E-Land - Boys Chino Style Pant, Black

Boys Chino Style Pant, Black, Zipper

E-Land - Boys Cargo Style Pant, Khaki

Boys Cargo pants, Khaki & other great colors.

E-Land - Boys Chino Style Pant, Navy

Boys Chino pant, navy Zipper fly and hook closure

E-Land - Boys Twill Pant, Khaki

Boys Twill Pant, Khaki, Zip fly and elastic back waistband.

Dogwood - Boys Pull on Track Pant, Navy

Boys Pull on Track Pants

Dogwood - Boys Cargo Style Sweatpant, Blue

Boys Cargo Style Sweatpants

Kitestrings -  Boys Zip off Nylon Pull on Pant, Navy

Boys Zip off - legs zip off to Shorts

Kitestrings - Toddler Boys Pull on Track Pant, Navy

Toddler Boys Pull on Track Pant

Kitestrings - Toddler Boys Pull on Track Pant, Khaki

Toddler Boys Pull on Track Pant

Kitestrings - Boys Twill Pants, Navy

Boys Twill Pants

Wes and Willy - Boys Athletic Track Pant, Blue

Boys Athletic Track Pant

Charlie Rocket - Toddler Boys 5 Pocket Style Corduroy Pants, Blue

Toddler Boys Corduroy Pants

Charlie Rocket - Toddler Boys Cargo Style Pants, Khaki

Toddler Boys Cargo Style Pants