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Boy's Underwear and Tee Shirts

Underwear for Boys -Boys Briefs, Boxers or Boys Boxer Briefs

Boxers or briefs? Which is best? The best boys underwear is the style he finds comfortable. Underwear for boys is available in white, colors and characters in several styles. There are Boy's Boxers, Hanes Boy's  Boxer Brief and of course boy's briefs; all shown below. Whether plain or patterned be sure to have enough boy's underwear for your child, at least 10 pairs is recommended. If you are potty training a toddler you will probably want a few extra pairs. Boys briefs, boys boxers and boxer briefs are all available in a large variety of designs and patterns. Some young boys, especially toddlers, will prefer character underwear. Preteens and teens often like white or fashion colors but also often like variety. By the time they are young adults and older they will probably have a favorite style but there is no general preference.

Shrek Orgres Rock Boxer Shorts for Boys

Baseball Boxer Shorts for Boys

Junior Firefighter Cotton Boxer Shorts for Boys

Don't forget a few plain white undershirts or Hanes Boys' Athletic White Shirt 3-Pk for dressy occasions and added warmth during colder months. No more scratchy tags with the new wonderful undershirt  Hanes Boys' Tagless T Shirt 3-Pk. With the tagless tee shirts you won't have to bother cutting out a bothersome tag.


Hanes - Boys 3-Pack Asst Color Cotton Briefs

Hanes - Boys 3-Pack White Cotton Briefs - B2249

Hanes For Tots - Toddler Boys Underwear

Hanes - Boys  Boxer Briefs White Cotton

Hanes - Toddler Boys Briefs

Hanes Boys Nemo Underwear

Hanes - Toddler Boys Spiderman Underwear

Toddler Boys Underwear Thomas the Tank Print