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Changing Tables

Types of Changing Tables

Changing tables are convenient in a baby's room to ease diaper changes and even dress baby. Several styles are available to fit most rooms. Some styles are quite simple and consist of a top with a pad where you change your baby and one or two shelves underneath to store supplies such as diapers, ointment and wipes. Instead of shelves some changing tables have drawers for storage. Select the style that appeals to you and suits your available space.

Be sure to keep your changing table clean. Wipe down the changing pad after each use. Also check your supplies after each use, that will ensure you always have a fresh diaper and wipes. Many parents find it a good idea to keep a quick change of clothes for baby on the changing table shelf or in the changing table drawer.

See Changing Tables with shelves and Changing Tables with drawers.

This corner changing table is a variation of the standard shape. It tucks nicely into a corner making the most of the space in a baby's room.

Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table, White

What to Look for In a Changing Table

There are several things to look for in a changing table. The changing table should have straps to secure baby to help prevent him or her from rolling off. Even with straps never turn your back on your baby or leave them unattended while they are on the changing table. Not even for a moment. A fall off the table can result in serious injury. Many changing tables will have a guard rail. Again, even with a guard rail do not leave your baby unattended or turn your back even for a minute.

Make sure you have storage place for all the supplies you will need for changing diaper. Drawers, shelves, and baskets on shelves are all fine. You will need to store at a minimum diapers, wipes, and ointment.

What to Do If You Don't Have Room for a Changing Table

A changing table is only an option, it is not a necessity. Not everyone will have space or money for a changing table. Many parents decide to skip a changing table and change their baby on the bed, on the floor or even in the crib. Purchase a couple of changing pads to lay your baby on when changing or in a pinch use a large folded towel to protect floor or bed. Store your supplies in a large diaper bag, tote bag or basket.

Angel Line Contemporary Changing Table

Angel Line Contemporary Changing Table