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Many families decide co-sleeping works best for them. Co-sleeping is shaving your baby sleep next to you. For some families this is the only way a mother or father to feel their child is safe. For some infants this is the only way they feel safe; some babies need the extra security of mom or dad near by. Deciding to co-sleep is a personal decision.

A co-sleeper is almost like a small crib that attaches to the side of your bed. This allows a mother or father to safely have their baby sleep at their side at night. This quite often results in a better night's sleep for all. If you decide to co-sleep with your baby a co-sleeper is the only way to safely co-sleep.

Co-sleepers also sometimes called co-sleep cribs, are available in different styles. A convertible co-sleeper, like the one shown below, converts to a free standing changing table further increasing it's value in your home.