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Arts and Crafts for Children

Arts and crafts for children is an important activity  that does more than allow children to use their imagination and express creativity. Arts and craft activities help develop hand eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, planning skills and problem solving. These activities will also help build your child's self esteem. Display your child's artwork and crafts in a prominent place in your home or workplace. Homemade picture frames, candy dishes and other items make great gifts ideas for grandparents, aunts and uncles. You can purchase Crafts & Activities child craft kits for just about everything from simple art projects to Doll Making Kits and robot kits.

Guidecraft Creation Station Art Center with 2 Stools

Play dough, clay paints, markers, crayons, stencils, pencils and paper are great to have on hand for quick and easy crafts. Store them in one or two plastic boxes. Other useful items are feathers, pompoms, craft foam shapes and buttons.  Be sure to add rulers, scissors, glue sticks, and a collection of stickers for more activities.

A nice yearly tradition is to take your child's school picture or other yearly photo and place it in a frame that they have decorated that year. A wonderful keepsake item that will not only display their photo but showcase their creativity, imagination, artistic expression and development.

Some Favorite Arts and Crafts for Children

Alex Giant Art Jar

Alex My Art

Alex Super Art Table with Paper Roll

Melissa & Doug Sweet Hearts Wooden Bead Set

Melissa & Doug Artist Smock

Alex Farm Finger Crayons (24 pk)

Alex Sweetheart Cafe

P'kolino Art Easel in Orange

Alex My Crafty Cars

Where to Find Craft Kits for Children

Whether you are looking for craft kits for your own children or for children in school a great source for affordable and easy craft kits can be found at Crafts & Activities.There you will find not only inexpensive craft kits but party supplies, stickers, small reward gifts, goody bag items and more. All types of crafts are available including those for everyday use, holiday crafts, themed crafts and crafts for religious class and Sunday school.