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Crib Sheets & Bedding for Infants

What to Consider When Buying Crib Sheets and Infant Bedding

Bedding for crib can be a little overwhelming. With all of the adorable prints and patterns available it is sometimes hard to choose. If you are planning for the birth of your child and do not know the sex, choose neutral patterns. Many prints which are very suitable for boy or girl. Animal prints, Disney, ABC and pastels are popular choices. There is no right or wrong design, choose ones that you like.

It is very important that sheets for a crib fit properly. Too small and they will pop off and can entangle a baby. Too big and they can also ensnare an infant. Buy a set, wash and dry and then see how they fit the mattress. Sheets will vary in size and most will shrink after first washing so you might have to experiment. Once you find the brand that best fits your mattress buy a few.

Our Favorite Crib Bedding Sets

Crib Bedding Sets or Separate Crib Sheets

Crib bedding can be purchased as sets or as separates. You will probably want at least one full set. A few extra crib sheets are important, especially for the first few months. A crib set will often include at least a fitted crib sheet, a quilt or comforter and a bumper. Crib bedding sets may also include a skirt or pillow. A pillow is for use when feeding or for decorative purposes only and should not be left in crib with your baby. Once your child begins to roll over, remove the bumpers. Also, do not use comforter or quilt when your child is sleeping unattended.

Ship Ahoy Crib Bedding Set by Glenna Jean

Ship Ahoy Crib Bedding Set by Glenna Jean

How Many Crib Sheets Do You Need

We recommend 4-6 fitted crib sheets and 2-3 mattress pads or covers. Babies will need more frequent changes of bedding due to spitting up and diaper leakage. Using a mattress protector will help prevent soiling of mattress. It will also help prevent bacteria and mold from growing in the mattress by helping to keep it dry. If the mattress is vinyl covered a mattress pad will also make it more comfortable for your baby and help reduce sweating.