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What to Look for in a Crib

Your Baby's Crib

Babies will sleep either in a crib or when newborn, in a bassinet. Be sure your crib meets safety standards. In the US check for recalls with the Consumer Product Safety Commission before buying a new or used crib. If you will be using a crib from a previous child be sure to check it also, safety standards have changed and there are always recalls.

Storkcraft Madison Convertible Crib with Trundle in Cognac Cribs

According to CPSC guidelines a safe crib will have "no more than 2 3/8" between the slats, no cutouts in headboard or footboard and no corner posts over 1/16" high". Of course there should be no broken or missing slats, no loose parts and absolutely no peeling or chipped paint. Your child will spend most of his or her time in a crib unsupervised so make sure is safe and secure.

Storkcraft Ariel Convertible Crib in White Cribs

Storkcraft Ariel Convertible Crib in Cherry Cribs

Storkcraft Madison Convertible Crib with Trundle in Cherry Cribs

The crib mattress should be firm and fit snug in the crib frame. Do not use soft bedding, pillows and quilts while your baby is sleeping in the crib. Instead use blanket sleepers to keep your baby warm. Also, just a reminder, for sleep your baby should be placed on his or her back to reduce risk of SIDS.

SafetyCraft Compact-Size Crib Drawer Cribs