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Curious George

Curious George the Most Famous Monkey

Curious George is a wonderful character from children's literature that has charmed and delighted millions of children and adults since early 1940's. Curious George was created by the husband and wife team of Hans Augusto (H.A.) Rey and Margret Rey. The stories all revolved around a monkey George who always managed to get into a little trouble and the man with the yellow hat who owned him.

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Curious George was indeed both curious and and kindhearted and both traits got him involved in funny situations. Besides entertaining us with his antics, George also dealt with news events and serious topics. The most well known of the serious topics was "Curious George Goes to The Hospital". It was written on request of a children's hospital. From the first printing this story helped to ease the stress of hospital stays for many children.

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The authors wrote their stories of Curious George to entertain children. They said they simply thought back to when they were children and used that as a starting point. The Curious George stories are both funny and heartwarming. The story lines were created by both of them with primarily Margret doing the writing and H. A. Rey the illustrations.