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Curtains, Drapes and Window Treatments Children's Room Decor

Curtains for Children's Room

Curtains for children's room range from very basic and plain curtains to elaborate window treatments. Curtains always put the finishing touch on a room and are an easy way to enhance room appearance. Window treatments and curtains for children's rooms are available in a large selection.

For the younger child you may choose to have the curtains match the bedding already in the room or you may decide to complement the current children's room decor. Choosing coordinating curtains to match the child's bedding set may be easier but choosing a complementary curtain or drape may be more practical.

Older children will also prefer more standard designs or patterns for curtains and drapes. Instead of choosing the matching window treatment for your child's bedding set select one color from the current decor and work from there. You can use the wall color, the furniture or bedding (the sheets, blanket, comforter or quilt) as your starting point when choosing curtains and drapes for children's room. This will allow you to get more use from the window treatments.

Curtains and many other window treatments can often be used to match new decor or in other rooms. When your child outgrows the character bedding and children's sheets you can still make use of the curtains and drapes you purchased. Remember curtains for children's room with characters can easily be used in a playroom or basement. Also consider donating no longer needed children's curtains to a local church thrift shop, Salvation Army, preschool or other charitable organization.

Window treatments for children's room do more than just add finishing touches to a room. They serve to ensure privacy in the room and block light. You can choose from a wide variety of curtains, drapes, shades and blinds. Be sure to measure the width and length of your window.

Selecting Curtains

Curtains for children's room do not have to be elaborate. You can also choose plain curtains and panels. If you are using plain curtains for children's room select a color or pattern that complements current bedding or wall color. Add a tieback to dress it up or layer by using a sheer panel underneath to add elegance.

If you are buying curtains for girl's room try layering a sheer panels in a pale color. Add a nice window shade for added privacy.

If you are buying curtains for boy's room coordinate to bedding or room decor or simply use a bolder color. In colder climates consider a heavier pair for winter use if your budget will allow it.

A heavier curtain for children's rooms will help with heating bills.  Allow sunlight to enter during the day to add natural free heat to a room. During summertime try to filter some sunlight to help cool room.