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Go Diego Go!

Diego is the cousin of Dora the Explorer. Diego first appeared in episodes of Dora the Explore which is shown on the Nickelodeon and Nick Jr cable channels. Diego became so popular with preschool viewers that he was given his own show.

Diego, along with his sidekick Baby Jaguar, spends most shows rescuing animals. Diego uses some tools in his rescue missions. He uses Click ( a camera) and Rescue Pack. Much like Dora had to deal with Swiper, Diego must deal with two spider monkeys called the Bobo Brothers.

Some of our Favorite Go Diego Go Toys and Games

Go Diego Go! Musical Bank

Fisher-Price Go Diego Go! Transforming Dune Buggy

Fisher-Price Go Diego Go! Extending Rescue Lift

Fisher-Price Extreme Rescue Go Diego Go! Cave Figure

Fisher-Price Extreme Rescue Go Diego Go! Swamp Figure

Go Diego Go Rolling Luggage Case