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Dresses for Girls

Dresses for girls come in many different styles from the simple sun dress or tank dress to an elegant and charming formal dresses or girls party dress. Some of the more popular dress designers are Plum Pudding, Trish Scully, Laura Ashley, Sweet Potatoes, and Baby Boo. For more formal events formal styles may be best but even a basic plain dress can be accessorized to be appropriate for most occasions.

Plum Pudding Burgundy Velvet Bow Holiday Dress for Little Girls

A toddler dress can easily be accessorized with dress shoes and tights and a pretty ribbon for the hair. Dresses for babies and older girls can be accessorized in similar fashion. For little girls and older many dressy dresses and party dresses can be found in a variety if materials. Laura Ashley and Plum Pudding are two well known designers of dresses for girls. Visit Tiny Tot Dress Shop for a wonderful selection of dresses for babies, toddlers and little girls.

Plum Pudding Black and Pink Holiday Dress for Girls
This beautiful dress is Plum Pudding brand. Features a black velvet top and tiered pink chiffon skirt. Skirt is lined with pink fabric. Small rhinestones are sewn into the waistline.


Many parents find their girls love to wear dresses and have several dresses in the closet. Whether attending a party, going to school or just in the house many girls will select a dress so have a variety. With the design and style of most girls dresses you will get a lot of use from them, they seem to fit longer and last longer than other clothing items. Dresses can also easily be worn in any weather. For cooler months add a pair of warm tights. During warmer months use lightweight tights, a pair of dress socks or just a pair of sandals.

Little Bitty Red Coat Dress for Little Girls

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