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Our Education summaries are provided to help you find what you are looking for. Education takes many forms and each day our children learn new things; whether it is learning to read, learning to share or learning algebra.

Geography includes tips on including geography in your child's life.. many children and adults do not posses adequate knowledge of geography. By introducing it an an early age your child will be better informed and have an increased understanding of the world in which we live.

Reading and Learning to Read are two sections that deal with reading. Reading is a fundamental skill upon which much knowledge is based. We have advice for parents of children just beginning to read as well as for older children who may need to be encouraged to read. Like any skill, reading must be practiced to improve.

Writing is also an integral part of our lives. Even with the frequent use of computers writing is often an underdeveloped skill. Perhaps it is the frequency of text messaging which truncated words and sentences that causes this. Read our section on writing to find tips on helping you r child learn to write.