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First Communion Gifts

First Communion gifts are often simple yet elegant. They are a way to commemorate a child's progress in their study of their religion. Although the celebration of First Communion may vary from a simple lunch to a more elaborate party, a small gift is always appropriate.

Personalized First Communion Candle

Personalized First Communion Candle is an elegant keepsake. It is personalized with the name, date, and church of the confirmed and has a dove and cross. This First Communion candle is available in white or ivory candles with silver or gold band, and black, gold or silver ink.

Personalized First Communion Cross

This Personalized First Communion Cross is a beautiful gift for the communicant. The cross features the sacramental passage from John and the chalice and Host. Personalize this first communion gift with recipient's name and date of First Communion.

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