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Girls Sleepwear - Pajamas for Girls & Toddler Girls

Girls pajamas come in a great variety of styles with an endless choice of patterns and designs. There are two piece pant sets, one piece nightgowns also called night dresses or night shirts, boxer short pajamas, sleep pants and sleep tees.

For infant girls and young toddlers we recommend cotton pajamas, two piece sets or all in one, 2 or 3 blanket sleepers for cold nights and a bathrobe. Blanket sleepers are used for extra warmth on cold nights for the child and come with or without feet. As with all children's pajamas, toddler pajamas are also available in a wide range of styles and patterns. There are footed pajamas for toddlers and open foot pajamas for children who prefer that style. We have separate sections on Boys Pajamas, Children's Robes and Children's Slippers.

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Our Favorite Pajamas for Girls

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Angry Birds Pink Nightgown for Girls

Phineas and Ferb Perry the Platypus Nightgown for Girls

Justin Bieber Blue Nightgown for Girls

Laura Dare Purple Candy Heart Nightgown for Toddlers and Girls

Minnie Mouse Dark Pink Pajamas for Girls

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Striped Nightgown for Girls

Tinker Bell Floral Pajamas for Girls

Curious George Plaid Coat-Style Pajamas for Toddlers and Girls

Orange Love 2 B Me Nightshirt for Girls

Love Pajama Pants for Girls

Laura Dare Pink Heart Capri Pajamas for Toddlers and Girls

Pink Disney Princess Footed Pajamas for Girls

Pink Candy Fleece Bath Robe for Girls

Justin Bieber Purple Nightgown for Girls

Disney Fairies Purple Coat-Style Pajamas for Girls

Pink Peace Nightgown for Girls

In Pajamas, Sleep, and the Bedtime Routine we discussed the importance of comfortable pjs for children. Experiment with different styles to find what is most comfortable for your child. Allow your older child to choose pajamas that they find comfortable in designs that reflect their own likes and interests. In general cotton pajamas or flannel pajamas will be more comfortable. Older girls will probably like 3-4 sets of girls pajamas per season. Adjust the number of girl's sleepwear sets according to your child's needs, some will need or desire more frequent changes.

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