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Girls Underwear

Underwear, Camis and Bras

Girl's underwear is available in a variety of styles. Underwear for girls is available in bikinis, briefs and even boxer cuts. Girl's briefs and bikini panties are the most commonly worn and are available in hundreds of prints and solid colors. The best choice will of course be cotton girls underwear but if made of other material be sure there is at least a cotton lining.

Your daughter will need at least 10 pairs of girls underwear. Purchase additional pairs for teenage girls. All underwear for girls should be washed prior to wearing.

Girls undershirts, camisoles, training bras, sports bras and bras can be found for girls of all ages. Depending on age and use 7-14 bras or undershirts are recommended. We suggest Hanes Her Way Girls' Undershirt or camisole for girls for the younger girl and 7-14 Year Old Girls Apparell for the best selection of bras for teens and pre-teens.

Your daughter will also probably need 3-4 pairs of tights for dress up occasions. If your daughter likes to wear skirts or dresses she will probably need additional pairs. Seven to 14 pairs of socks are also recommended. Many girls will require more pairs of socks, especially if they like to match socks to outfits.