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Halloween Costumes and Costumes for Dress Up Play

Use Costumes All Year for Pretend Play and Halloween

Costumes for children are usually worn as part of pretend play dress up, for parties or for Halloween. Halloween costumes can also be used year round as costumes in plays or for pretend play and dress up. There are thousands of Halloween costumes available, from cartoon characters to real life heroes and everything in between. Start a costume box for your child for year round fun.

Toddlers love to play dress up so leave your toddler Halloween costume in the toy box or use for a great rainy day activity. You can also make your own costume, whether for Halloween or pretend play. Allow children to mix and match parts of costumes, an excellent way to allow them to express their creativity and imagination.

Please also see Girls Halloween Costumes, Boys Halloween Costumes and Costumes for Babies and Toddlers.

Recycle Halloween Costumes

Another suggestion to get the most use from costumes is to recycle costumes. Recycling can be done on a neighborhood basis or in a school. Very simple to arrange it only requires you to collect costumes from a group of people and exchange. This can also be done as a PTA fundraiser. Each family donates costumes which are then sold for a few dollars. After Halloween costumes can also be donated to school for use in plays or kept for dress up play at home. Infant costumes and toddler Halloween costumes are great candidates for recycling and or donating to preschools.


Goth Spider Princess Child

Vampiretta Child

Princess Fairy Child

Fairytale Bride Toddler

Drama Queens Pink Sprite Child

Fairy Precious Crystalina Fairy Child

Cowgirl Child

Kitty Cat Pink Child

Banana 4-6X Child

T-Rex Child

Pretty Poodle Child

Gangster Suit Child

Hobo Clown Child

Ghost Child

3-D Ninja Child

Devious Jester Child