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Halloween Safety Rules & Halloween Party Games

Halloween Safety Rules

Children love Halloween. Whether trick or treating or a parade or party at school they like to put on a costume. Halloween can be fun and safe. Take time to review some basic safety rules for trick or treating.

1. Do not trick or treat alone, have a partner. Children under 13 should be supervised by a parent.

2. Do not allow young children to wear full face mask. Instead use makeup. If wearing mask make sure eye, nose and mouth holes are large, make bigger if necessary.

3. Make sure costume is not so long the child can trip. Cut or hem capes, tails, pants and skirts. Minimize accessories such as swords, knives and toy guns.

4. Use care when crossing streets.

5. Stay in areas you are familiar with.

6. Check with local malls to see if they sponsor inside trick or treating.

7. Do not eat any candy, cookies or other treats until examined by parent.

8. Throw out an open or exposed treats. Throw out homemade cookies and snacks.

9. If trick or treating in evening stay in lit areas and use a flashlight and reflective tape.

10. Consider having a neighborhood party rather than trick or treating door to door.

Halloween Parties a Great Alternative to Trick or Treating

Many parents are finding that they prefer their children attend a Halloween Party rather than going trick or treating. Families can chip in and have joint parties, sharing in both supervision and costs. Halloween parties are often far safer and more fun than going door to door. All you need is a few cds playing on the stereo, a costume judging contest and a few other simple Fun Halloween Games  and you will have a wonderful party.