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Children's Hats - Fun Hats, Straw Hats & More Children's Hats

Hats for children can be both fun and functional. Whether you are looking to protect them from the sun during the summer or warm their head during cool weather children's hats can be stylish or humorous. Many children enjoy wearing hats and expressing their own personality and style. Others like wearing them for playtime or dressy occasions. Straw hats and cowboy hats for children are very popular styles for everyday wear and combine both style and function.

Wool Beret-Kids

A kids beret is a wonderful addition to your child's wardrobe. The 100% wool beret is versatile and it's classic styling is great for spring, fall and winter. Available in navy, blue and red, it fits ages 3 to 6 years old.

Scala Girl's Facesaver

This is a great hat for the summer. It combines both style & function, protecting the face from the sun's damaging rays. This girl's sun hat features an adjustable elastic band and is available in purple and white. One size fits most, ages: 7-14.

Columbia Mason Reversible Beanie-Youth

Jeanne Simmons Girl's Roller Solid

This is a great basic straw hat for girls to wear anytime. It is lightweight and breathable crocheted Toyo straw and is a  comfortable hat. Available in Ivory, Lilac, Pink, Light Blue and White.

Sand Cassel L'il Jon Ivy-Child

Goorin Bros Kid's Argyle Beanie

Columbia Strawberry Hat-Toddler

Sand Cassel Punky-Bee Cadet-Child

Jeanne Simmons Candy Crusher

This adorable children's hat is made from pieces of grosgrain ribbon. Hat is crushable so it packs great, and is perfect for vacation or beach bag. Available blue, pink and red.