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Our Children's Health Sections

Our health section summaries have been provided to help you find the information you are looking for. We wish to serve as a starting point providing you a parent's view of a variety of topics including some tough subjects. Whether you are dealing with a serious health issue of your child such as neurofibromatosis, struggling with potty training or need help with getting your child to sleep it is helpful to hear a parent's view and to find out where to find additional information.

Neurofibromatosis talks about a neurological disorder that affects over 100,000 Americans. It is a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow along nerves throughout the body. At least 1 in 4,000 babies are born with Neurofibromatosis.

Teeth includes tips on caring for teeth as well as suggestions to be sure your child brushes.

Potty Training & Bed Wetting are two sections to help you with these issues. Toilet training tips help take the pressure off everyone. Night time enuresis or bedwetting after age five is fairly common and ther are several things you can do. The most important aspects is to keep it from turning into a battle.

Sleep Issues affect every parent. We have included this section to help you ease the bedtime ritual. A bedtime battle is not a necessary part of your night. Read some tips on easing the bedtime battle.

Preparing for a Hospital Stay is to help you prepare your child for a planned hospital stay or a visit to the emergency room. Tips on getting your child ready as well as tips on easing their stay and ensuring your child receives the best care. We also include tips to help you in case your child must go to the emergency room and suggestions on how to help calm your child to relieve stress.

Help when your child is being bullied discusses the signs you should watch for and how to handle the situation.