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Jewelry for Children

Jewelry for Children is a Special Gift

Jewelry for children and  babies are special gifts that are cherished for years. Grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles often give a child a special necklace, bracelet, earrings or birthstone jewelry to mark a special occasion, or for holidays and birthdays. Baby rings and children's id bracelets are common gifts at birth or for a child's first birthday. A heart locket is frequently given to a young girl on her sixth or tenth birthday but we feel it is great for any birthday.

Sterling Silver Minnie Mouse Heart Charm

14k White Gold Disney Tinker Bell Charm

14 Karat White Gold Micro Pave Diamond Floral Bracelet for Teen

Snow White Earrings

14k Gold Children's Diamond Cross

Teen Bracelets - 14k Yellow Gold T-Shirt Teen Bracelet adjustable 6" to 7"

14k Gold Child's Bear Charm w/15 Inch Chain

Teen Necklaces: 14k Gold Teen's Cross Pendant

14k White Gold Childrens Bracelet

14k Gold 7/8" Star of David w/ Script Name and 20 " Chain

Medical ID Alert ID Tags: 14k Gold Medical ID Alert ID Blue Charm

Children Medical ID Bracelets - Sterling Silver Child's Medical ID Bracelet

Although jewelry for children is often given at birth and on special birthdays it is appropriate for all birthdays when given by a relative. Often heart lockets, bracelets and religious jewelry are given to mark special occasions. Jewelry is a more personal gift and is appropriate gift for Christenings, First Communion and other religious milestones. Crosses and religious medallions for children are quite often cherished for a lifetime. Earrings always make a nice gift for a girl (or boy) who commonly wears them.

Our Favorite Jewelry for Children