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Kites and Kite Flying

Kites are fun and a great way to exercise

Kites are a longtime favorite of children and adults. From the simple diamond kite to the more complex stunt kites and box kites, flying a kite is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Flying kites can be a group or solo activity. Flying a kite is a form of exercise and also works on areas of physical coordination, gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. For additional suggested items and toys that encourage exercise and motor skill development please see our other sections including Play Tunnel and Nylon Playhouses and Outdoor Toys.

Kite flying also works on overall thought processes, action/consequence and problem solving as the kite flyer tries to control the actions of the kite. A diamond kite or a basic kite will be the easiest for young children to fly. Box kites, stunt kites and more elaborate shapes and designs like airplane kites are perfect for an older child/adult or a more experienced kite flyer. No matter what the shape there is a thrill of getting the kite in the air, soaring higher and higher.

Fortune Rainbow Delta Kite 6

Fortune Rainbow Delta Kite is an excellent first time flyer. It is 6 feet and comes ready to fly with tail and line.

Double Vision Delta 6' Kite - New Tech Kite

The New Tech Kite 6' Double Vision Delta Kite is also an excellent first time flyer. It comes ready to fly with tail and line.

Crayon Kite - Dk Blue/Light Blue

Crayon kite is sure to be noticed. Color the sky with it, five feet of display and long, long tails!

Fringe Delta Kite - Wavy Gradient

Fringe Deltas are an old favorite among seasoned kite flyers. Offering a frazzle dazzle with their fringes dancing in the wind. Comes ready to fly!

Techno Sport Kite - TRANCE

The newest achievement in all-around high performance design, the Techno is precise, smooth, stable and yet able to perform the most difficult slack line tricks.

Black Cat Animal Kite

A fun flying Black Cat Animal Kite! This cute little kitty fly's like a champ. It's based on the stable delta platform that anyone can fly! Comes ready to fly!

Black Shark Kite - 11 ft Sea Life Kite

Go to the beach and put this wonderful 11 foot Shark Sea Creature kite from Premier kites up in a sea of blue sky.  Complete with line and winder, a fun kite for anyone to fly!

Cosmo Box Kite

This Rainbow patterned Box kite Cosmo is colorful as it is spacey!

Explorer Box Kite

With its geometric rainbow patterned, this Box kite the Explorer, is colorful and wild. Fun to fly for ages 8 and up!

Tsuke Rokkakus Kite

Ready to fly 56 in. Tsuke Rokkakus -  framed with durable hollow fiberglass.

Pirate Ship Kite


Buccaneer Colorful Ship Kite

Easy to fly with long nylon streamer tails. Lots of fun to for any age. Ready to fly.

Follow kite flying safety rules. Your kite will most likely come with some instructions and a wind rating. Do not fly your kite in winds that are too strong and of course do not fly during stormy weather. Your kite should only be flown in an open area away from power lines, airports, buildings and trees. Supervise younger children and teach everyone the basic safety rules. Do not chase a runaway kite onto a road and use caution if retrieving a kite from a tree or other tall object. Use care when landing your kite and when flying.