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Helping Children Learn to Play the Piano

The ability to play the piano or any musical instrument is a wonderful skill that can bring a lifetime of joy. As we discussed in our article on music, music and the ability to play an instrument can impact a child's life in many ways. For many children this ability will add to their self confidence and self esteem. It has also been shown to improve school grades.

Learning to play the piano can involve piano lessons. Typically, a child will first learn the fundamentals, including among other things notes, scales, and reading music. A recent innovation has changed the way children can learn to play piano. It's approach makes learning to play piano fun and interesting. A child or adult using this new method of piano instruction will be playing songs immediately.

The Fun Way to Learn to Play Piano

In the past one of the stumbling blocks to learning to play piano is motivation and fun. By first having to memorize and play only scales a child loses some of their motivation as it is not fun. The struggle to learn to read music is a second major stumbling block. This learn to play piano computer program makes learning to play fun and easy and makes learning to read music easy.

It uses a fun approach to learning piano. It incorporates a child's desire to make music with a natural approach to learning to read music. A child, or adult learning to play, will gradually progress to the point of being able to read music. All the time they are learning, the student can play the music that they know and enjoy with their piano keyboard. The instant gratification of hearing themselves play a song that they know is a powerful motivator.

This program to learn to play piano will keep your child interested and eager to continue playing. If you've always wanted to be able to play piano but never had the chance for lessons you can use it too. You can learn to play piano at any age, without expensive lessons. Learn in the privacy of your own home without a live teacher.

The program is available for use on a computer or if desired select the version that connects to your television! The computer version comes with a piano keyboard or choose only the program and cables version to use your own if you already have one. Simply plug in the keyboard and you're on your way.

This makes a great gift for anyone. Giving a child or yourself the ability to play an instrument is an everlasting gift.