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Linens and Sheets for Children's Beds

Sheets for children's beds and children's bedding sets will quickly add style and character to any child's room. Even with very plain juvenile furniture or the most basic of designs children's sheet sets will add personality, brightness, charm and style. If your children share a room each child can still express their own personality by selecting a comforter or sheet set that reflects their own interests or likes.

For the older child bedding needs are fairly simple. They of course will need a bed to sleep on, the style and size depending on size of room and individual preference. Most beds for older children will be either full size or twin size. No matter what size bed we recommend a good mattress pad to protect the mattress. A mattress pad will protect your mattress from spills and accidents. Mattress pads come in sizes to match the size of the bed; including twin size and full size so be sure to get the correct size. Purchase 1, 2 or more good pillows. We recommend the second pillow because even if the child does not normally sleep with a second pillow it can be used if the child has a head cold and you want to elevate their head for easier breathing or if their pillow is soiled due to illness. A small travel pillow is ideal for adding a little height. We also suggest that you use pillow protector to prolong life of pillows. A pillow protector, a zippered removable cover for pillows, is especially important if your child has allergies or asthma. The pillow protector can easily be washed weekly.

Choosing Sheets for Children's Beds - Bed in a Bag, Sheet Sets & Children's Bedding

Whether you use twin sheets or full sheets, we recommend at least 2 sets of sheets for your child's bed, a third if possible. This will allow you to have a clean set to put on bed at any time. Even with older children or a fully toilet trained toddler stains and spills can occur, particularly during illness. To prolong the life of your sheets wash them weekly and alternate use. You will probably need either twin size sheets or full size sheets depending on the size of the bed.

They can be purchased as sets, such as a twin size sheet set, as separates, or in sets called bed in a bag. A bed in a bag set will have a sheet set plus a matching comforter or blanket and sometimes a bed skirt. The benefit of the bed in a bag is that all pieces will match and the cost is usually lower than buying separate pieces. In all cases the bottom sheet will be fitted or flat. A fitted bottom sheet has elasticized corners and a flat sheet does not. While fitted sheets are easier to use they may not always fit all mattress, especially the pillow-top mattresses. While there is no need to buy the most expensive children's linens buy the best sheets you can. Look for a higher thread count, they'll last longer and feel nicer. Some children will not sleep on sheets that have designs others enjoy them, so experiment. Some younger children may be actually be frightened by the characters on the sheets and others find them comforting.

Depending on where you live you will need 1-2 blankets, 1 or 2 comforter or quilts and perhaps bedspread. Some children will prefer a heavier weight blanket others prefer lightweight thermal. Again you will need to experiment and also ask your child what they like. It is a good idea to wash all sheets and blankets before first use.

Bedding can be coordinated to the overall room decor, the wall decorations or theme of the room or they can simply reflect a child's favorite character, interest or favorite color.