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Medical Id Tags for Children

Children's medical identification tags, also known as medical id tags, can be the single most important thing your child wears. Emergency medical id tags will alert emergency and medical personnel about chronic medical conditions, allergies or medications taken. In the event of an emergency the information on the emergency id tag is vital to your child receiving accurate care.

Who Should Wear Emergency Medical ID Jewelry

Emergency Medical id tags and jewelry is appropriate for many children. Children with chronic medical conditions, allergies, special needs children and children taking medications can wear a medical id tag to help them receive appropriate care during an emergency. A variety of styles of medical id tags are available.

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Medical Necklaces - Heart Stainless Steel Medical Pendant on Rubber Necklace 18 "

Children's Medical ID Bracelets - 14k Gold Childrens Medical ID Bracelet

Children Medical ID Bracelets - Sterling Silver Child's Medical ID Bracelet

Medical ID Necklaces - Double Plate Gold Tone Stainless Steel Medical ID Pendant Necklace 26 "

Medical ID Jewelry - 14k Gold Medical ID Charm or Pendant 9mm

Dog Tag Medical ID - 316L Surgical Stainless Dog Tag with Medical Symbol Large

Medical ID Tags: 14k Gold Medical ID Charm or pendant 25mm x 15mm

Medical ID Tags: 14k Gold Medical ID Cross Charm or Pendant 20mm x 27mm

Titanium Medical Identification Bracelet - Children's Brushed Titanium Medical ID Cuff Bracelet 4 1/2 " to 5 "

Medical ID Jewelry - 14k Gold Medical Identification Alert Pendant 13mm x 25mm

Medical Tags - Sterling Silver Medical Tag

Medical ID Tags: 14k Gold Medical ID Alert Jewish Star Charm or Pendant 16mm x 16mm

Children With Diabetes, Epilepsy and Other Chronic Medical Conditions Including Allergies and Children Taking Medications

Children with epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, heart conditions, blood disorders or other conditions should have a medical id tag to alert emergency caregivers as to the condition. In addition to stating the condition, have name, emergency contact phone number and medications taken engraved on the id.

If your child has allergies to food or medications this information should also be noted to help ensure adequate and appropriate care.

If your child is taking medicine on a regular basis it is a good idea for them to have a medical alert tag indicating the medications taken. This includes medicines that may be taken for ADHD, asthma, high blood pressure and more.

It may also be appropriate for special needs children to have an medical id tag. Examples might be children with hearing, speech or vision issues, children with mental retardation, motor skill issues, autism, and children with Neurofibromatosis.

Several Styles of Medical Id Tags for Children and Adults

There are now a variety of styles of medical alert tags to choose from. Necklaces, bracelets, dog tags and even a watch style is available. This ensures that you can find the style that appeals to your child or you. In addition to the one worn daily it is a good idea to have a spare emergency id tag in case one is lost or damaged.

Emergency Id bracelets are available in sports band or more traditional chain style made of metal, gold or silver. Necklaces are also available in several styles. The pendant style emergency id necklace is a popular choice but charms have gained in popularity. Popular with children are dog tag emergency id tags.

Always Wear Medical Alert Tag

Whatever style you choose, be sure it is worn at all times. An emergency medical id tag, in any style, will help your child or you get appropriate medical attention.