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Music & Children Drums, Guitar, Cymbals & More Musical Instruments

Children's Music is Significant

Music is a big part of a child's world. Whether they are singing children's songs, singing along with the radio or playing an instrument they will have fun. Music can also have a calming effect on children. Many parents will sing or hum to their babies to soothe and entertain, some parents even play music for their unborn child. As the babies grow parents teach their children songs and when they start school children learn even more songs.

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Simple musical instruments can be played by toddlers and young children. Many instruments are available in children's size like the junior baby grand piano and the junior guitar. Drums, harmonicas, bells, musical triangles, cymbals even pots and pans help a child develop and learn. When a baby bangs a spoon against a pot not only do they entertain themselves they among other things, learn cause and effect, develop hand/eye coordination and work on their motor skills.

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If you can fit music lessons into your budget do so if your child expresses an interest. Otherwise, there are a variety of materials you can use to teach your child or to teach yourself how to play instruments. Teach yourself to play guitar or teach yourself to play keyboard or piano. Let your child experiment too and  learn together. You just might be surprised how quick your child will learn. Also, many instructors offer trial lessons free or at low cost so you can get a feel if it is right for your child.

Encourage the love of music and help your child develop an interest in learning to play an instrument.

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Expose your child to all types of music

Expose your child to different types of music. Begin early on to play a variety of music around your child including children's music, classical music, jazz, pop and rock. A small clock radio in your child's room is also a nice touch. That will encourage them to develop their own musical tastes. Tune in different stations on the radio so your child is exposed to many types of music. Have a variety of music on cds or tape for your children including children's cds. Start this when they are infants.

Just a reminder, it is important to be aware of the music your older child is listening to, some music will have warnings due to content or language.