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Russian Nesting Dolls & Nesting Eggs

Nesting dolls are also known as stacking dolls. Simply put nesting dolls are hollow dolls that fit inside one another. Nesting eggs are quite similar. They are available in an endless variety of designs, perfect for collecting or playing. One of my fondest memories of visiting my grandmother as a small child was playing with her two sets of nesting dolls. One set was of a family and the other was composed of animals. I spent countless hour playing with those dolls, as did my mother when she was a child.

Set of 10 Nesting Dolls

Nesting dolls are a wonderful conversation piece in addition to providing enjoyment. Nesting dolls may be displayed in a curio or on a shelf. There are various themes to nesting dolls from the traditional animal or people designs to more contemporary or humorous themes.

Endangered Species Nesting Dolls