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Outdoor Fun and Ride On Toys and Games

Outdoor toys and games are essential for every child. Scooters, ride on toys, balls and other outdoor activities help ensure that your child gets exercise. If space permits consider an outdoor play center or swing set. Bicycles, scooters and other ride on toys are great for several reasons. They not only are fun they are a great way to exercise and develop both fine and gross motor skills. Be sure to see Scooters for more information on scooters for children.

Fun Roller

Outdoor Toys

A ride on toy is fun and provides exercise. They also help to develop motor skills and coordination. They will also let your child have fun. Whether riding a scooter, a tricycle or bike your child will have fun, exercise, strengthen body and work on motor skills. Pogo sticks and jump ropes are great fun for anyone and are a great way to exercise. The Hitaway shown below is not only great fun but works on many skills including hand and eye coordination and gross motor skills.

HitAWay Jr.

Outdoor Games can be as simple as playing catch

Play catch or kick a ball back and forth and both you and your child will get exercise. Have a variety of outdoor toys and games including ride on toys, balls, hula hoops, stilts and jump ropes. Some ride on toys can be used inside, like rocking horse and Sit-n-Spin so that even during inclement weather your child can get physical exercise.

For the younger child walkers and wagons provide endless hours of fun and works on all the areas mentioned above plus fine motor skills and cognitive development. Most young children also enjoy playing with and using a wagon. Wagons can also be used to help transport children, toys and picnic baskets at the beach, zoo or park.