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Christmas Party Games

Christmas party games will make your holiday party one to remember. Wither at home with the children, with friends or family or at work a few simple party games will help keep the party fun and exciting.

We have found this great selection of Christmas party games.

Christmas Song Lyrics

You've heard them all before, but do you remember well enough to fill-in-the-blanks of these Christmas song lyrics?

Christmas Picture Puzzle


Happy Birthday Jesus


Christmas Coloring Match


Christmas Coloring Pages

Sometimes a quiet activity is just what the hostess ordered.

Cookies For Santa


Christmas Movie Characters

Just because you can name all the Christmas movies ever made, doesn't mean you'll win! Play in teams, or separately.

Christmas Picture Bingo

Bingo made for the youngest players! All squares have pictures so even the kids can play bingo.

It's All About Santa!

Younger kids will love impressing each other with how much they know about Santa. Watch the giggles begin as they race to be crowned the Santa expert.