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St Patrick's Day Party Games

These printable St Patrick's Day party games are perfect for a party or use at school. Use them for St Patrick's Day or any day as a special activity. Printable party games are great. They are perfect for filling in time before dinner or dessert. Print ahead and if you have unexpected guests simply print a few more.

Elope Kid's Leprechaun Topper

Elope Shamrock Horns Hat

Color Me Green!

The color of the day is - of course - green! It doesn't matter what age you, players race to match these 'green things' from the clues given.

Luck of the Irish

Have ye the luck of the Irish? Find out which of your guests can be called lucky as they attempt to finish these phrases with the correct term.

St. Patrick's Day Bingo

 Play Bingo with cards pre-filled with Saint Patrick's Day items or you can personalize with your own items. Generate different a St. Patrick's Day Bingo Card for each player- even if you have 200 players! Call card included. 

St. Patrick's Day Picture Bingo

Saint Patrick's Day Bingo made for the youngest players! All squares have pictures so even the little ones can play bingo. Call card with pictures included.

St. Patrick's Day Secret Message

Kids just love to decode secret messages! Have them cross out the letters and race to be the first to complete the hidden message.

St. Patrick's Day This and That Trivia

Start thinking green because only the player who knows the most about this green holiday will be able to answer these little trivia facts about St. Patrick's Day and Ireland!

St. Patrick's Day Tic-Tac-Toe

Fun, easy, and perfect for younger children! With reusable chips, just clear the board when you're done…and this game could last all day!

St. Patrick's Day Word Find

Test your guests' speed in this classic word search game. Guests compete to be the first to find the hidden St. Patrick's Day words.

St. Patrick's Day Word Scramble

These St. Patrick's Day words are all mixed up and players race to unscramble them!