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Valentine's Day Party Games

Valentine's Day Party Games and puzzles are great fun whether you are hosting a party at home or in school. Of course printable party games are popular at parties for both children and adults but they are also very popular for schools and day care.

We have found this great selection of printable Valentine's party games.

Famous Couples

It doesn't matter what age you are for this game! Players race to match these famous couples, fictional and real.

Valentine Picture Bingo

Bingo made for the youngest players! All squares have pictures so even the little ones can play bingo.

Valentine Word Search

A classic word search game with a Valentine's Day theme. Have guests race against the clock or each other.

How To Say I Love You

How many ways can you say, "I love you?" Test your guests' knowledge of foreign languages as they race to match up the words "I love you" translated into other languages.

Printable Valentines Games Collection

Our entire collection of over 20 printable games is included in this collection! Print as many copies of as many games as you want. Start printing as soon as you order.

Roses For My Sweetheart

"A rose is a rose…" or so they say. Find out what giving 13 roses to your beloved actually means. Answer key included. Start printing as soon as you order!

Too Many Choices!

Can you guess what kind of flower each verse in this poem is referring to? Learn what giving Tulips to your beloved really means.

Valentine Bingo

This is your classic Bingo game pre-filled with Valentine items. With our Game Card Generator, you get a different Valentine Bingo Card for each player- even if you have 200 players!

Valentine Fun Candy Trivia

What's one of the best things about Valentine's Day? The candy, of course! See who will be the first player to match up these fun little trivia facts about candy from the clues given.