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Kids Play Tunnels - The Play Tunnel, Tunnelhouse and Nylon Playhouse

A child's play tunnel or play tunnelhouse can provide hours of fun for children of many ages. A kids play tunnel are also a wonderful way to provide exercise indoors or out. For a child with gross motor skill delays or other motor skill issues they can be a fun way of providing necessary motor skill therapy. Whether or not your child has developmental issues a play tunnel will help develop their motor skills. It is very easy to add a play tunnel into your home and a variety of styles and designs are available. They are easy to store and set up. Most often they are made of washable and durable nylon and are suited for use indoors or out. If you are interested in play tunnels you might also be interested in Scooter Boards.

A tunnelhouse is playhouse that can be connected to a play tunnel or comes with a play tunnel already attached.  A tunnelhouse may also be written as two words, tunnel house or called a nylon playhouse. A tunnel house, pop-up play tunnel or pop-up playhouse can provide even more hours of entertainment. Usually a tunnelhouse will have 2 or more entrances, one being a doorway into the playhouse and the other being a playtunnel. A child's play tent, tee pee or play hut is also available and many attach to play yard tunnels.

Develop Motor Skills Using a Kids Play Tunnel or Tunnelhouse

Children love play tunnels and will easily create their own games whether they are playing alone or with you or friends. Here are a couple of games that are not only fun but also work on gross motor skills, reasoning, planning, object identification and color names. If using as part of therapy play, we suggest using simple rewards at session end to further encourage your child. Stickers are easy to keep on hand for use as fast, inexpensive prizes.

Play Tunnel Color/Object Find Game - Place pieces of different colored pieces of cloths inside your play tunnel. Have your child go on a mission into the tunnel to collect a specific color or color combination. For example have them find all the red pieces or all the red pieces and yellow pieces. You can also use different objects such as balls, small stuffed animals or any other item. As your child develops increase the complexity of the missions. For even more laughs try the game too (but make sure the tunnel is appropriate size for you).

Institutional Tunnel

Play Tunnel Race - Race against someone else or race to beat their previous times. Place a box at both ends of tunnel. In one box place a small item such as a piece of colored material or small stuffed animal and leave the other box empty. Have your child start at the end with the empty box. They have to crawl thru to other end and retrieve the item and return to the end they started at placing the item in the empty box.

Use your imagination and let your child use their own to create hundreds of other games and adventures. Don't forget keep it fun! Cheer your child's triumphs.