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Potty Training - Toilet Training

Making the Move from Diapers to Underwear

Potty training or toilet training is one of the major steps in your child's development. Your toddler will probably be ready for potty training around the age of two, with a typical range of 18-30 months. It is important that you do not force your child. Most experts will agree that pushing your child too soon or too hard will prolong the training process.

The Potty Chair and Potty Training Rewards

The first step in toilet training is have a potty chair available.  Many styles are available from a basic potty to mini toilet design. Often parents of boys also choose to have a training urinal. Have your child get used to seeing the potty. Let them sit on it while fully clothed.  Allow them to observe others using the toilet. When changing a diaper, if you haven't already been doing so, comment on the bowel movement or urination that may have occurred. Several videos on potty training like Once Upon A Potty Video for Him or Her and Bear in the Big Blue House: Potty Time with Bear DVD are very helpful in the toilet training process.

As your child becomes more comfortable with the potty allow him or her to sit on the potty with diaper off. When you change a diaper empty contents of soiled diaper into the toilet and have them sit on their potty. Keep the potty nearby during playtime and let them know they should try and use it. Reward successes with praise or even stickers and don't punish accidents. Some parents find it is easier to make a switch to a pull up diaper, underwear or training pant. Naptime and nighttime toilet training will take longer. Make sure your child uses the toilet before napping or going to bed and then again as soon as they wake.

Lil Mark Training Urinal

Soft Seat Toilet Trainer & Step Stool

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