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Children's Rockers and Other Chairs for Children

Children's chairs and children's rockers are a wonderful addition to any child's bedroom, play room or family room. Available in a variety of styles and designs children's chairs are made with children in mind. Not only are they more comfortable for your child but they save the wear and tear on your furniture. We all know how rough on furniture children can be whether it's because they like to jump into the chair or just always seem to sit upside down or sideways.

Children also feel special with a chair of their own, a chair they won't get chased out of when mom or dad come home from work. Because they are made with children in mind children's recliners and children's rockers, like the ones shown below, are easier to clean. With the smaller size it is also easier to fit into family room, playroom or child's bedroom.

For the play room we also recommend Charries (TM) Charries(TM) are small portable chairs that are available in a variety of sizes - 8, 10,12,14 and 16 inch height. They are easy to carry and stack neatly and easily in a corner. Perfect for home and school.