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Playroom and Children's Bedroom Decor

Choosing children's bedroom decor items and decor items for the playroom.

Children's bedroom decor and playroom decor includes everything from floor to ceiling. The menu on the left will help you find what you are looking for whether you are working on a baby's room, a child's bedroom or a playroom. We have included buying tips for child's room decor. Whether you are looking for lamps for a child's room and looking for children's sheets there are factors to consider. Besides the decorating aspects you want it to functional and safe.

Decorating a baby's room might involve more things as you need to decide not only a theme or design but have to consider changing tables, cribs,  rocking chairs and more but it is exciting. You'll probably want to start with the crib, then bedding and then add lamps, rugs and other nursery decor items.

As your child ages you will probably find yourself changing several things in their bedroom or playroom, from the paint on their walls to the lamp on their desk or night table. As you child gets older it is also nice to include them in the decorating of their rooms.

It is often a good idea to keep the walls a neutral color. A neutral color does not mean no color, but choose a color that will coordinate with other colors. This will make it a lot simpler when your child decides it's time to make changes. By using a neutral color bedding, lamps and other room decor can be changed without repainting an entire room. For example, if your child likes red, don't paint the walls a bright red. Instead use red comforters, red lamp shade or a red throw rug and paint the walls a more neutral color like eggshell or sand stone. When your child wakes up one morning and decides they hate red it is far easier to just get new comforter than it is to paint the walls.

Often small changes and simple things can easily make over a room. Use pictures, posters or paintings to decorate walls. Use throw rugs to brighten a plain floor. Lamps and lampshades can also make a big difference.

Many room decor items have more than one function or benefit. We have tried to include some basic information in each of our sections on how to select these items and suggestions on coordinating room decor items. We do not profess to be interior designers for children's rooms nor do we want to be. Let your child's room decor be their own creation.