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Scooter Boards

What is a Scooter Board?

A Scooter Board  is a square board with wheels. They are usually made of plastic. A child can sit or lie on their stomach on the scooter board and scoot around. If on their stomach a child may propel themselves using hand or foot power. If sitting they usually propel with their hands.

Scooter boards are a great way for a younger child to have fun and get exercise. In particular, they are a popular  way for a child with motor skill issues to get exercise. If your child receives physical therapy consult the therapist on how to best make use of a scooter board. Scooter boards are available in two main sizes, 12 inch and 16 inch square. Many 16" scooter boards can be used by adults but be sure to check the weight limitations.

16 Ball Bearing Caster Connect-A-Scooter Board (Green)

16 Ball Bearing Caster Connect-A- Scooter Board

You can have scooter races if working with more than one child or simply have each child scoot trying to best their own record. Be sure to praise both children for doing their best, especially when working with a child with motor skill issues or physical challenges.

Use the scooter board as a way to practice colors or follow instructions. For example tell the child scoot down a hall or across the room. When they get to the spot tell them they should pick up the red rag and then turn and scoot back. You can have relay races or set up cones for a child to move around. The possibilities are endless.

Many of the scooter boards will connect together. This feature increases the ways in which a scooter board can be used. They can be connected together so that children work together to move forward. They can also be used as a train with the lead child trying to pull the second child along.

A scooter board is great fun for any child and is valuable, they are a great way to exercise. For a child with motor skill issues or physical challenges a scooter board is a great way to incorporate fun into their physical therapy and exercise.