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Sesame Street Toys and Games

Sesame Street has been one of the most popular children shows and Sesame Street toys are equally popular. Sesame Street stuffed toys are among the most cherished of items for many toddlers. Sesame Street is popular with both parents and children. The show combines education and fun making use of lovable characters such as Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, Rosita and many more.

Sesame Street - Plush Big Bird by GUND

Many guest stars from around the world, stars both famous and unknown have appeared on Sesame Street. For over 35 years Sesame Street has taught and entertained young children. A variety of topics including math, literacy, social emotional issues and problem solving are covered.

Sesame Street - Plush - 21 Inch Cookie Monster by GUND

Elmo, Oscar, Big Bird and Rosita

Elmo, Oscar, Rosita, Big Bird and the others are all popular and each may be considered the star of the show. Several episodes have had the characters or their human guests facing some serious issues and have served to educate and inform both the young viewer and their parents. Guest stars may be well known celebrities or just a typical person from your neighborhood.

Another wonderful aspect of the show is that many different people, people of all different abilities and some with different challenges appear on the show. It helps show that we are all the same yet we are all different and we are all important. Characters and guests speak a variety of languages and some have different challenges and each has different talents. Sesame Street helps teach children and adults about differences and understanding.

Sesame Street - Toys - Elmo's World Silly Sounds Guitar Toy

Sesame Street - Die Cast - Take Along Ernie Bath Tub

Sesame Street - Plush - Elmo 41 Inch Jumbo Plush Toy

Sesame Street - Plush - Abby Cadabby - Learn to Fly Abby

Sesame Street - Die Cast - Take Along Big Bird Monster Truck

Sesame Street - Party Supplies - Elmo Loves You Scultped Candle

Sesame Street - Plush - 10 Inch Oscar the Grouch by GUND

Sesame Street - Die Cast - Take Along School Fire Truck

Sesame Street - Die Cast - Take Along School Bus

Sesame Street - Toys - Elmo Driver

Sesame Street - Plush - 13 inch Elmo

Sesame Street - Toys - Elmo Color Change Bath Tub Fun Toy