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Silver baby Keepsakes & Pewter Gifts for Baby

Silver baby keepsakes and personalized baby gifts make wonderful gifts for  baby, new parents and grandparents. These silver baby gifts are typically given at birth, at the first birthday or at the time of Christening. They are also are a great gift anytime of year and are perfect holiday gifts. Silver keepsakes will be cherished for a lifetime and can be a wonderful family heirloom.

Silver rattles are popular gifts for a baby at birth or Christening. Silver rattles and silver plated rattles are frequently given by baby's aunts/uncles, Godparents or grandparents but anyone can gift these items.  


Hinged Angel Frame

Silver picture frames make a wonderful gift for baby, parent or grandparent. They may be personalized with baby's name and date of birth.

Elegant Baby Silver Plated Dumbbell Rattle

Elegant Baby Silver Plated Dumbbell Rattle

This elegant silver plated baby rattle is a wonderful affordable silver rattle for baby. It makes a perfect gift for Christening or birth. The rattle is in a satin lined rosewood box and will be cherished for years.

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