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Children's Sleepwear

Children's sleepwear includes children's pajamas, sleeper pajamas and robes. Sleeper pajamas are also called blanket sleepers. We also include slippers in our section of sleepwear since many people associate them with sleepwear. Many countries set safety standards and regulations for children's sleepwear. In the United States sleepwear must be flame resistant or snug fitting. The regulations apply to sizes over 9 months. This means pajamas, blanket sleepers and robes must be snug fitting or flame resistant.

Comfortable sleepwear will help your child to have a good night's sleep. If your child is having trouble sleeping at night please see our sections on Sleep and Pajamas & Sleep.

Bath Robes for Children

Red All Star Plush Bath Robe for Toddler Boys

Children's robes are by design loose fitting. In the United States robes for children must be flame resistant or flame retardant. Please read our section on Children's Robes for additional information and for shopping for children's robes.

Rainbow Heart Bathrobe for Girls

Pajamas for Children

Several styles of pajamas for children are available. For boys and girls two piece sets may feature  pull over tops or tops that button down. Sleeve length varies from tank or short sleeve to full length sleeves. The pants  are most often short or long although Capri length for girls is sometimes available. Girls will also have the option of choosing a night gown or sleep shirt. For more information and shopping please see Pajamas for Girls and Pajamas for Boys.

Phineas and Ferb Agent P Secret Agent Pajamas for Boys

Looney Tunes Pink Tweety Bird Shorty Pajamas for Girls

Zebra Satin Pajama Set for Girls

Batman Pajamas with Hood and Cape for Toddler Boys

Minnie Mouse Three-Piece Pajama Set for Toddler Girls

Thomas the Tank Engine 3-Piece Pajama Set for Toddler Boys

Blanket Sleepers or Sleeper Pajamas

Blanket sleepers or sleeper pajamas are designed for warmth, they are worn over pajamas. This is important because it is recommended that you do not use blankets or comforters with infants. For toddlers and other children who are active sleepers and kick blankets off or simply do not like blankets, a blanket sleeper will ensure that they are warm at night.

Pink Princess Frog Footed Pajamas for Toddler Girls

Slippers for Children

Slippers for children are adorable and fun. In our section on slippers we discuss the benefits of slippers and discuss the different styles available. Please see Slippers for additional information and shopping for children's slippers including animal slippers and character slippers.

Red Fire Engine Slippers for Toddler Boys

Elmo Slippers for Toddlers

Shih-Tzu Dog Slippers for Toddler Girls